Care for Older Pets


We have been looking very closely at the types of service we provide, and feel that we are meeting the needs of the younger animals in our care. What happens as our pets get older?


In human medicine there are Well Man and Well Woman clinics. Whilst these types of clinic may not be appropriate for animals, we do feel that by making clients aware of what is available, the quality of life of older pets could be enhanced. It is a common misconception that because an animal is old, nothing can be done, This is not always the case, as so many conditions are treatable now. Much more is now available for older pets.


Large dogs enter their senior or 'golden' years at around seven years, but cats and smaller dogs are often over 10 years of age until time catches up with them. 75% of older dogs and cats have dental disease, which, apart from being painful can lead to other infections spreading throughout the body. Suitable dental care and treatment can help to prevent this.


We are also offering bird and tortoise owners the facility of an annual health check for their pets. As both birds and tortoises potentially have long lives, it will be beneficial to take advantage of these checks in order to discuss individual needs and also help prevent any future problems which may occur. There is a fee for this service - please check with reception when booking your appointment.

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