Clinic Services


We have 5 qualified nurses and 3 training nurses. This provides 2 nurses to each veterinary surgeon, improving the quality of care for our patients during surgery and whilst in recovery or during hospitalisation.


The Veterinary Health Centre offer a full range of free and fee paying nurses clinics. Our Clinics include:

  • Behaviour Advice - often when a pet develops an unwanted behaviour pattern the nurse can
    give help and direction.

  • Dressing Changes - surgery also demands regular changing and cleaning of wounds should
    they become irritated, sore or infected.

  • Post Operative Check Up - routine surgeries are checked by the nurses and stitches
    removed at the appropriate time.

  • Weight loss advice - weight gain is common in certain breeds and in any animal who is
    given too much food! Our nurses can help your pet to shed that weight or at least help
    prevent your pet gaining any more weight.

  • Dental Checks - when animals suffer from dental disease it is often necessary to keep an
    eye on them by having regular check ups.

  • Nail Clipping*

  • Anal Gland Emptying* - a common problem with dogs

  • Exotic Teeth Clipping* - using a high speed drill the incisors of rabbits and rodents that have
    become over grown can be trimmed during a nurses appointment

  • Flea Injections* - Program injectable is one of the many flea products on offer and one that
    can be delivered by the nurse

  • Lifestyle Diets - with good sound information

(*) indicates there is a charge involved. Payment must be made on the day of consultation.




The Veterinary Health Centre provides up-to-date equipment to provide the very best care of your pets.


They include:


  • State of the Art Digital X-ray. This allows x rays to be taken and as they are digital they can be e mailed to other specialists for further advice.

  • Ultrasound. Used for diagnosing heart conditions and examining the organs of the
    abdomen such as the liver and kidneys. Biopsies can be taken using the ultrasound
    to guide the vet.

  • Sevoflurane anaesthetic. A rapid acting gas anaesthetic, excellent for elderly
    patients or animals who are unwell at the time of the anaesthetic.

  • Radio Surgery Unit. A devise used mainly in exotic work facilitating cuts into the skin
    with little blood loss. Vital for very small patients such as mice and birds where a
    small bleed could be life threatening.

  • Dental descaler, polisher and high speed drill. Dogs, cats and rodents often need a
    visit to the dentist!

  • Suction. Used during surgery to remove excess fluid

  • ASIF Orthopaedic Kit. For plating and pinning bones in dogs and cats

  • Vettest. In house biochemistry in an emergency.

  • Flexible Endoscope. For examining the inside of the stomach or large intestine

  • Rigid 1.9mm Endoscope. Very useful in small patients such as birds and reptiles and
    for looking for foreign bodies such as grass in the nose.

  • Daray 600. Anaesthetic monitoring machine measuring levels of oxygen, carbon
    dioxide, ECG, temperature and pulse, increasing safety during operations.

  • Critical care incubators. Recovery in a warm dark and safe place is vital for small
    pets such as rabbits and rats.

  • Vivariums. For the hospitalisation of reptiles before and after surgery. This is very
    specialised, demanding the correct temperature and also having the provision for
    ultraviolet light.

  • Hospital cages for birds. With temperature and humidity control.

  • Nebuliser. For delivering medication to rabbits, rats and birds with respiratory

  • Gavage tubes. For delivering medication to our more demanding patients, such as
    tortoises and birds

  • Tonopen. An instrument for measuring the pressure inside the eye.


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