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Repeat Prescriptions

RETURNING MEDICINES: Due to changes in legislation, and to ensure the safety of animals, we regret that we are no longer able to give refunds for returned medicines. You can still return medicines to us for safe disposal.

Many pets have the misfortune of needing continuous medication. In this situation, your pet may be put onto a repeat prescription. It is possible to have 3 months medication, but we do not keep large quantities of drugs in stock, so be sure to let the receptionist know at least 5 days in advance so we can order them in for you.

We request that 5 days notice be given to enable us to supply prescriptions. The reason for this is that when the receptionist takes the order, the pharmacy nurse puts up the prescription and then a veterinary surgeon has to check , and sign each one. It will also be necessary to attend for a prescription check every three months if your pet requires continuous repeat medication – this is to ensure the continued health of your pet and to comply with pharmacy legislation. Even for conditions that appear to be the same all the time, small changes can be elusive but often very important. It may seem obstructive and unnecessary, but it may potentially save your pet’s life.

There is a small charge for prescription checks, but if your pet has a booster vaccination at the same time the charge will not be applied. Written prescriptions are available on request but please give 48 hours’ notice prior to collection. The three-monthly prescription check also applies to written prescriptions. Please also remember to take great care when buying from the Internet. Many companies are reputable, but there are equally many who are not. We cannot guarantee the quality or date management of your medication if you choose to buy online.

All the flea and worming treatments that we sell are prescription medicines and as such are subject to 48 hours’ notice as above. For these to be prescribed, your pet must have seen the vet within the last 12 months.

Order a Repeat Prescription Online

You can place a repeat prescription order online through our website. We need a few details so that we can match your request to our client and patient records.

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