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Reptiles/Avian health care and treatments.

We are based in Lytham St Annes and have extensive knowledge of exotic and avian animals. Due to our knowledge, we become highly recommended by other Vets within the Lancashire area. We offer reptile and avian health care, advice, treatments, check-ups and spays/neuters where required. To book in please contact us on 01253 729309.

Our Veterinary Clinic over the past few years has become growingly popular with our reptile owners. This is due to one of our Vets being extremely knowledgeable in this area and being an Advanced practitioner in Zoological Medicine. Reptiles are complex creatures therefore it is important that they are seen by someone who knows what makes them tick.

Very little is known about the health and welfare of pet reptiles, especially when compared to other pets such as cats and dogs. The University of Lincoln have set up this survey which can hopefully help us all work towards improving the health and welfare of reptiles! https://ownersurvey.coldbloodedcare.com


Our Surgery

The Veterinary Health Centre was acquired in 1995 by Mrs Siuna Ann Reid. Since this time, the practice has continued to grow and develop into one of the leading veterinary surgeries in the North West. We remain an independent surgery and are not part of a conglomerate.

The Veterinary Health Centre has a dedicated team of staff, all striving to provide a professional and complete range of services to keep your pet healthy and happy. We take pride in the knowledge that we have a great range of modern and sophisticated equipment.